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"Since 1993, working in the creative arts has brought joy and paid the bills

- both of which I am thankful for!"

Steve in 90 Seconds.


When I completed my first paid sequencing job in 1993, I did what most musicians do - ploughed most of the money back into my setup; in this case, an expansion card for my Roland keyboard!  I was 13 years old and had, through trial and error, found a temporary but lucrative niche - making karaoke tracks of 90s power ballads.  Aspiring teenaged divas (and their paying parents) couldn’t get enough of them!


My childhood of hanging out in my Dad’s home studio had moulded me into a proficient musician and  engineer.  From that upbringing came a variety of jobs in studios, bands, choirs, education and entertainment...some TV and radio...touring...years of hard work and great memories.


In 2012, feeling a little spent, I moved to the Canary Islands to slow down.  Instead, the opposite happened!  I landed a residence at one of the area’s busiest entertainment venues - an opportunity too good to miss, especially after giving up a solid career in the UK.


One dull day in 2013, I was idly going through some of my past school musicals.  I sent them off to a few publishers.  My first attempt at getting noticed as a singer-songwriter had been a small success, so I didn’t expect much this time.


One publisher got back to me.  7 months later, with that one publisher, Musicline, I had a hit children’s musical - “Shakespeare Rocks!”


These days, I still live in the Canary Islands - where I met my partner, Sarah, and now have a loving family of cats!  I write songs and musicals, run a small media company, do voice overs, host videos and occasionally go windsurfing.  Provided that the pandemic passes, I’ll hopefully be back to gigging too.


Thank you for getting to know more about me!