Here are some of THE popular spots, along with my favourites - which I share trusting folks to take care of themselves, those around them and the environment.  Please be good ambassador for our sport!


This is my home spot and still my favourite.  I learnt most of the basics here when the area had a thriving watersports scene and a great school run by Ulrika and Peter.

Difficulty - Intermediate*, NOT for beginners, ability to waterstart ESSENTIAL!
Sadly, after the beach was reconfigured in 2017, the bay no longer has a designated area for sailing watercraft.  However, for those who can waterstart, the reef beyond the lighthouse is good for a blast and some jumps.  I usually have my best days on a 6.5m sail and 130 litre board when the wind is blowing about 20 knots from the North.

Park here and rig up out of the way.  Be considerate to beach users and the lifeguard.  Do NOT kitesurf - the police WILL come!  Sail out past the lighthouse immediately.  If you linger in the bay, the chances are you will get yelled at by the lifeguards - like I said, be considerate.  Watch the "dead zone" just South of the lighthouse, the wind can drop off completely as you exit the bay.


Good occasionally when the wind blows from the South.  Best at high tide, otherwise you will have a long, arduous and slippery walk out to the water!  Can be flat and fast in the right weather.  Not worth the risk in big shore breaks. 

Difficulty - Intermediate+, NOT for beginners, ability to waterstart ESSENTIAL!

Park here and rig up out of the way.  Watch out for cyclists when approaching the water from the carpark.  Do NOT kitesurf - the police WILL come!  Stay North of Las Salinas, which has no safe exit points.  If you drift North, you can come in at Playa El Castillo, although you will have a long and slightly humiliating walk back to your vehicle!


Sailing here is relatively safe and straightfoward.  There is a private house on this beach, so please be considerate.  Stay landward of the white bollards when parking.

Difficulty - Novice+, okay for beginners but a little rocky underfoot in the shallows.

This is NOT the main beach in Puerto Lajas.  It is slightly North of the village Church building.


This stretch can be flat and fast.  With a soft shingle underfoot, this area is ideal ideal for beginners and naturals alike, provided it isn't busy! 

Difficulty - Beginner+.

This area recently had a windsurfing and kitesurfing school built on it.  In good conditions, you're almost guarenteed to see people around.


This collection of bays can offer agood varienty of challenges depending on the conditions.  High tide is best for beginners and those just wanting to cruise gently.

Difficulty - Beginner+.

The area is popular with surf and kite schools.  Pick your spot carefully at busy times and keep clear of swimmers.


Jaw-droppingly beautiful and home of the world famous René Egli centre.  Comes at a premium, though.  A great spot to learn if you can afford it.  Personally, I've never sailed here because my gear is more suited to lighter winds.  I think the centre offers a paid resuce service for independent sailers.

Difficulty - Beginner+.

The Windsurfing World Cup is held here - normally every July or August.


Also jaw-droppingly beautiful and just South of the René Egli centre.  another school (independant of René Egli) was set up a few years ago and offers lessons for beginners, along with rentals for all levels.

Difficulty - Beginner+.

I've had a few laughs here but nothing you could call a decent day's sailing!  This has mainly been down to my unsuitable equipment and general stupidity!  The lagoon that floods at high tide is great.  Just make sure you don't bottom out with your fin and launch your self across the beach.  Lesson learnt!


I can't comment much on this spot as I've never sailed it.  When I booked lessons here as a beginner, they took us to El Cotillo.  I guess that means it's not for beginners, probably due to the waves.

Difficulty - Intermediate+.  Ability to waterstart recommended!

I think that the surf centre offers a paid rescue service but if you can't waterstart, I wouldn't chance it.  El Cotillo is probably better.


Never sailed here but it might be nice for beginners when the high tide floods the bay.  The more insane sailers can get their kicks by the rocky reef to the South.

Difficulty - Beginner+.

The village is very quiet and seemingly untouched by time.  It's also quiet out of the way so allow extra travel time.