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Frequently asked questions


Do you do instrument/singing lessons?

Do you do instrument/singing lessons? Sorry. Not at the moment


Can I rent your equipment?



What's the quickest way to contact you?

Pricing & Paperwork

Do you offer discounts for residents of the Canary Islands?

No, sorry. Discounts for large volume/recurring work are possible but must be negotiated.

Can you send a Spanish invoice?

Yes, of course. Spanish businesses can be invoiced from our Fuerteventura address complete with NIE.

How much do you charge for...?

Everybody's needs are different, which is why we offer free estimates. To request one, please go to

What country do you issue your invoices from, and in what currency?

We issue invoices from the UK or Spain, depending on what works best for you. UK invoices will have a tax reference and be charged in GBP. Spanish "facturas" will have an N.I.E registered as "Autónomo" and be charged in Euros. We also have the paperwork to register with Spanish governement entities such as an "Ayuntamiento" as a service provider.

Would you like to work for free in return for exposure?

No, thanks.

Do you do charity or benefit gigs?

There are a number of causes that Steve supports. Please contact me to find out more. I cannot make every request.