"I want to be on it!"

Good for you!  We'd love to have you on board, so here are some pointers for sending in a GREAT submission.

Quick question - How confident are you?

"I want to have a go, but I'm a bit nervous."

No problem!  You DON'T have to perform the whole song, so we've picked the best section to ease you in.  It's quick to learn and has some basic movement in it (though you don't HAVE to do the movement!).  If you ONLY send us a video of this section, that's totally fine!

Watch this: (link to Yessica Hook video.)

"I don't want something too easy, but I'm not sure about doing the whole song either."

Perfect.  Here's a slightly more challenging section for you to try out.  See if you can keep up with our example video.  If you find some of the moves too complicated, don't worry.  Just singing is cool too.

Have a go at both of these: (link to Yessica Chorus and Hook videos.)

"I'm hardcore!  Let me at the whole thing!"

Excellent.  You might find the two movement videos handy for getting you started, then see the resources below to practise the whole song and get some insider tips on making your video look awesome.

(link to Yessica Chorus and Hook videos and Sing IT!)

"I'm all practised up, now what?"

Briolliant.  Follow the instructions below to send us your submission.  If you're doing the whole song, the Sing It! is the best thing to sing along to.  If you're doing one or two of the sections only, feel free to perform along with the videos.  In all cases, make sure you're wearing headphones so we can mix your voice in clearly!  Have fun!