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Let The Games Begin

Updated: Sep 29, 2023


When three technology obsessed youngsters visit their grandfather, he becomes increasingly frustrated with their disdain for anything other than their phones and the internet. He reveals a pair of very unusual seven-sided dice that he explains was given to him in the Far East by a wise old mystic.

Despite Grandad's stern warning not to touch the dice because of their magical powers, mischievous Marney scoffs at the idea and rolls the strangely-shaped dice.

As lights flash, thunder claps and eerie, strange noises are heard, the petrified trio are transported to the strange land of Lady Fortune where they become pawns in her games.

Each of them must compete against the devious, devilish diva in a game of their choice to win their freedom and avoid being a game piece in Fortune's land forever!

They encounter many eccentric and humorous board game characters as they embark on their journey: the pompous Stationmasters and the Fleet Street 'hack' Reporters in Monopoly, the defensive suspects in Cluedo and the quarrelling Castles in the final game of Chess.

Can they manage to play the games for REAL and defeat the conniving Lady Fortune?

Will they learn that it's better to ditch the surreal for the real deal?


Key Features

  • Duration: 50 - 60 minutes

  • Age range: Key Stage 2 (7-11 years)

  • Casting requirements: 29 speaking roles. Easily reduced to 25 speaking roles. Flexible cast size to suit YOUR group numbers, from 25 actors upwards. Any number of chorus parts.

  • Exciting, memorable and catchy songs.

  • Simple costume and prop requirements.

  • Original release date: 2018

  • Formats available: Download; CD; Print.

  • Script in PDF and editable Word Doc format

  • Full Production Notes

  • Backing Tracks plus essential sound effects No pianist required! Includes ALL Backing Tracks, Incidental Music and Special Effects in the order you need them enabling production and direction to take place without specialist musical expertise.

  • Vocal Tracks for learning the songs.

  • SingIt! app for learning the songs.

  • Full Performance Piano/Vocal score (Grade 7 Standard).

  • "Very Easy Play Songs Only" Rehearsal Piano/Vocal Score (Grade 3 / 4 Standard)

  • Digital projectable backdrops A different backdrop for EVERY scene change. Supplied in both a PowerPoint presentation and as individual JPG files.




Musicline Publications Ltd is the exclusive distributor of performance and audio/visual recording licences for this musical. While associated materials can be purchased through multiple online content providers, permission to perform this work in public or in audio/visual recordings can ONLY be obtained from the Musicline sales platform.


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