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Scary Things Help | Scene 01

Enniville School Road



We are introduced to the setting and Mr Donner, a teacher at at Enniville Primary School, who is just about to drive home from work. When his car won't start, he decides to walk while explaining to his wife on the phone.

As he finishes his phone call, Mr Donner is attacked by a tall robed faceless creature with slimy hands (who we later come to know as The Sticky Shadow). Mr Donner is slimed, rendered unconscious and kidnapped by the Sticky Shadow.


In This Scene:



No props in this scene.

Songs, music and sound effects

01 Music - Overture

02 SFX & Music - Enniville School Road

03 SFX - Engine Fires Then Dies

04 SFX - Battery Dies

05 SFX - Exiting Car

06 SFX - Phone Ring

07 MUSIC & SFX - Sticky Shadow

08 MUSIC & SFX - Mr Donner Taken


No scenery in this scene.


01 Enniville School Road


01  Dim House Lights / Blackout

02  Outdoors - Dusk

03  Subtle Pulsating

04  Dusk

05  Subtle Pulsating

06  Fade To Black



  • This scene is cartoon-style pantomime comedy with a hint of scariness!

  • We have suggested several stage directions to help you get the best reactions from your audience.

  • For ultimate simplicity, all scenes can be performed without any of the accompanying music or sound effects if you wish. However, we highly recommend using the standard audio tracks to greatly enhance your show. With a little practice while using our helpful tools, your cast will get a massive boost from acting to the audio tracks where suggested. The music and sound effects will make them feel like they're starring in a movie! Check out our Acting To Music guide, where you can also find details of our brilliantly fun and inclusive rehearsal tool, Learn It!

  • As The Sticky Shadow is described as tall, it may be fun to cast a grownup (maybe even a real life teacher) in this role!

  • The sliming of Mr Donner can be done for real (great fun) or simply mimed. See our Slime Guide on how to do this safely and efficiently.

  • We have included the snoring as a sound effect on the track to mime (or snore) along to!

  • The stage directions indicate that the unconscious Mr Donner is dragged offstage by Sticky Shadow. In practice, The Sticky Shadow might find this difficult to do alone, particularly if he/she has slimy hands! You can always have some of the other Greapiers join The Sticky Shadow at the end of the scene to help drag Mr Donner away.


Need more help?

  • Check out our extensive Production Notes, where you can also find details of all the Resources available for Scary Things.

  • Ask a question in the comments section below, where you may also find answers from other users of the show.

  • Contact our helpful support team, who can assist you over the phone or via live chat during UK office hours or via email.


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