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Scary Things Help | Scene 02

Title Sequence



This scene is the musical’s “Title Sequence”, like that of a TV show, where we get glimpses of the characters and fun to come!


In This Scene:




No props in this scene.

Songs, music and sound effects

09 Song - Scary Things

10 Music - Scary Things Playoff


No scenery in this scene.


02 Scary Things Logo


07 Energetic Rock

08 Blackout



  • Depending on the size of your cast, you could bring them on stage in different groups for different parts of the song, or if space allows, have the entire cast perform a pageant for a powerful opening!

  • Our specially designed Dance It! tool has some great ideas for this.

  • If everyone finishes exiting before the music ends, this is a good opportunity to place the bench required for the next scene.


Need more help?

  • Check out our extensive Production Notes, where you can also find details of all the Resources available for Scary Things.

  • Ask a question in the comments section below, where you may also find answers from other users of the show.

  • Contact our helpful support team, who can assist you over the phone or via live chat during UK office hours or via email.


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