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Your satisfaction is my top priority. That's why my voice represents so many satisfied clients worldwide!


Drawing upon a solid and diverse background in broadcasting, I can offer you a truly tailored service, adapting my RP (Received pronunciation or "BBC English") voice to your needs. Your fully customized voice-over will give you impact, clarity and charisma.


Listen to my demos to hear the variety of popular reading styles on offer - all recorded on high-end gear with meticulous production values. Get a big budget sound at a fair, affordable price!


All services are supported by my extensive experience in:


  • voiceover recordings along with presenting on TV, radio and stage
  • audio and music production
  • filmmaking
  • performing arts
  • copywriting and proofreading.



Applications include (but aren't limited to):


  • TV and radio commercials
  • Audiobooks
  • Video narrations
  • News voiceovers
  • Introductions for entertainers
  • Education
  • Automated information and safety announcements
  • Telephone systems (IVR)
  • English overdubs on foreign language media
  • Instructions
  • Special occasions - weddings, birthdays etc.


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Voice Over

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