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Scene 1: A School Hall

Two Presenters introduce the show to the audience - a musical based on a testimony they found on Wikipedia.  This is what they have really been working on instead of studying for their exams.  The testimony is written by two young people of unknown origin.  The two presenters lead the cast into the first musical number.

Song - Prologue

This short song alludes to a tale of a hidden world, accessible to the audience if they 'work together'.

The Presenters name the authors of the testimony - Chloe Bray, aged 16 and George Bray, aged 15 when reported missing from our world - now living on "The Island".

Presenter One reads for Chloe, Presenter Two reads for George.  Presenter Two reads a brief account of George's experience alone in the sea, his life jacket just keeping him above the water.  George falls unconscious.


Scene 2: The ROCKS, Key Vida Vista

A celebratory song is performed by the inhabitants of the Island, known locally as The ROCKS (Republic Of Concealed Keys).

Song - Life On The Island

The population of The ROCKS happily sing and dance in a Rhumba style.  The audience learn that the people love their island, which is cut off from our world.  Nobody from the outside can find it.  There is no internet access.  It doesn't appear on Google Maps.  There is a seemingly harmonious existence between humans and nature.

Upon finishing the song, the cast leave the stage.



Scene 3: The ROCKS, Key Tormenta, Bodacious Bay

A disgruntled teenaged surfer called Fran, stomps onstage carrying a surfboard.  She has just failed her officer's exam for the "Shore Watch Wave Rider Division".  She performs a short song.

Song - No Life On This Island

Fran begins with an angry preamble about how much she hates her life on the island.  However, her fiery temper calms down when she looks out and sees the beauty around her.  She imagines what her life will be like upon growing up - becoming an officer, having respect and meeting someone who appreciates her.

Fran's friends (all surfers of various disciplines) have been watching from a distance.  They enter the scene and rib her gently about her failure.  She is the youngest of the friends and the only one still yet to pass her Shore Watch Officer's exam.  Her friends remind her that if she passed her exam now, she would be the youngest ever cadet to do so.

Among Fran's friends is her commander and examiner, Tadi.  He consoles her, encouraging her to focus on her immediate situation, rather than daydreaming about the future.  She looks out to the ocean and spots a boy in the water - unconscious and in danger.  She dashes out of the scene to rescue the boy, pursued by Tadi, who radios through his earpiece for help.

Music - Rescuing George

Fran and Tadi carry an unconscious George back into the scene and lay him down centre stage.  The rest of the group arrive with first aid.  Fran puts her ear to George's mouth to check if he is breathing.

George splutters into life, startling the group and himself.  He jumps up, disorientated and afraid, determined to find his sister.  Tadi radios to his colleagues of another possible victim.  George sketchily explains that he was separated from his sister when they fell overboard.  Tadi receives a radio transmission, informing him that George's sister has been safely rescued by another group and that they are on their way to meet them.

George profusely thanks Fran, who introduces herself as a cadet.  Tadi steps in and instantly promotes her to officer, based on her actions in saving George.  Fran thanks George for nearly drowning so she can get promoted.

The group deduce from George's story that he and Chloe are possibly 'outsiders' - the first in many years - big news for the ROCKS and great bragging rights for the Wave Rider division who saved them.

Music - Chloe and George Reunited

The other group arrive with Chloe, who embraces George and chatters inaudibly with him and the others.

Tadi suggests taking Chloe and George to Key Central so they can all eat.  He asks Chloe and George if they are ready to ride.  They ask 'how?'

Song - Wave Riders

The Wave Rider division show off their group and extend their friendship to Chloe and George.  Chloe and George learn the dance throughout the song.


Scene 4 - The ROCKS, Key Central, The Council

After a short recuperation, Chloe and George are presented before the ROCKS Council and are introduced to president Amina Nihanna.  Although the Council are alarmed that two outsiders have found their way through, Amina encourages calm.  She introduces Jude Mayken, councillor for cartography, who shows the siblings a map of the island.


Song - Map Of The Island

This is performed in a reggae style and lays out the foundations of the ROCKS ecosystem.

The audience learn that the Island nation is composed of 8 territories (known as Keys).  Each Key has its own speciality and elected leader to represent it at the ROCKS Council.  The Council, made up of 8 leaders, elects a president every 4 years.  President Amina is young but wise and diplomatic.  She is also the youngest 'outsider born', meaning that she was not born on the ROCKS but arrived through the storm 15 years ago as a small child, on a life raft with her parents.

Jude Mayken and her partner, Jay, offer to show Chloe and George around the island.

Scene 5 - Key Verde

Song - Star Alive

Scene 6 - Key Plastico

Song - Recycled Delights

Scene 7 - Off The Coast Of Key Tormenta

Song - Fortune To Make

Scene 8 - Pongi Peninsular

Scene 9 - Vida Vista

Song - Somewhere Far Out.